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Key Landmarks

Bannockburn Elementary School
6520 Dalroy Lane
(301) 320-6555

Bannockburn Community Clubhouse
6314 Bannockburn Drive
Driveway entrance to clubhouse is physically located on Laverock Lane at approximately 6320 Laverock Lane.

Bannockburn Pool
6513 Laverock Lane
(301) 229-6876

Merrimack Pool
6400 Pyle Road
(301) 229-6579

Bannockburn Civic Association Map

Bannockburn has grown since 1946. Area in pink depicts current boundaries.

Historic Bannockburn Map

The map below depicts the boundaries of the original Bannockburn Cooperative, established in 1946. This map is interactive. Place your mouse or cursor over the clickable black and cross-hatched right-of-ways to open the appropriate plats from the Maryland State Archives.

Golf Course Overlay Map

Nextdoor Bannockburn

Nextdoor Bannockburn