Spring Show 65 Casting Now!

To join the cast, email terripayne@gmail.com by Monday, February 15th.
Overview of Spring Show 65 production process:
  • Spring Show 65 will be a video production. Brad Kelly is taking the helm in his directorial debut.
  • We’re all amateurs! You don’t have to be a great singer to have fun and add value to a Spring Show performance.
  • No special recording equipment is required. A mobile phone is all you need.
  • Rehearsal plans and artistic decisions will be organized by Song Leaders.
  • Planning and rehearsals will generally take place virtually for members of different households.
  • Video tracks may be recorded individually or safely in small groups outdoors, consistent with Covid protocols.
  • Technical/creative assistance and feedback is always available upon request. We won’t leave you hanging!
  • If we have enough interest, we’re going to try to produce a Kids Number this year. Kids will still be cast in other numbers as usual.
  • Release date will be sometime in May.
  • For the applause junkies out there: We do hope to coordinate outdoor viewings of the show for the community when it’s safe to do so.
Writers still wanted! Song submissions are due Sunday, February 28th by email to Brad Kelly (bkelly@bkellylaw.com) & Aaron Payne (aaronpayne@eversheds-sutherland.com). Feel free to check in with Brad in advance if you’re concerned a song on your topic is already in production. Submissions need not be perfect — the writing team will help with scansion and tightening up lyrics.
The Bannockburn Spring Show is an annual satirical show compiled of songs and skits about a variety of political, cultural, and community issues (a la The Capital Steps), written and performed by members of the Bannockburn (aka BBurn) community, ages 8 to 90.
All proceeds from the show benefit the Bannockburn Community Club (BCC), a tax-deductible 501c(3) organization that houses a nursery school and community events. The annual Spring Show is the only major fundraiser for the clubhouse.

It’s here! Spring Show 64 is available NOW!

Visit www.springshow.org for instructions on how to view this year’s special streaming show. You’ll see neighbors old and new celebrating Bannockburn’s spirit near and far.