Nextdoor Bannockburn

Nextdoor Bannockburn, managed by a company that operates neighborhood discussion groups, is currently moderated by two Bannockburn residents, Richard Boltuck and Christo Andonyadis. Nextdoor lets you control how much news you want to receive, and from what neighborhoods. (Nextdoor Bannockburn automatically lumps Bannockburn in with adjacent neighborhoods, essentially tripling its true geographic boundaries.)

To join, click Nextdoor Bannockburn, fill in your details, and follow the instructions to confirm that your address is within the Bannockburn boundaries (a security measure to make sure outsiders don’t have access to material only posted on Nextdoor Bannockburn).

Nextdoor is good for receiving information from the wider Bethesda community, including law enforcement safety notifications and sales notices. What it’s not as good at is encouraging more in-depth discussions about current, hyper-local issues amongst community members.

Bannockburn Community (Google Groups)

Bannockburn has its own email group, Bannockburn Community, started by Bannockburn resident Terri Payne. This ad-free, hyper-local group creates helps Bannockburn maintain personal connections between people of varying interests, generations, and backgrounds.

To join this group, send an email to with “subscribe” in the subject line and then reply to the confirmation email.

This group is only open to past and present residents; messages are not moderated.