The Bannockburn Community Club (BCC) maintains the Bannockburn Community Clubhouse. The ballroom and grillroom are available for rental and all rentals must be arranged in advance through the Business Manager. A Rental Agreement form and a copy of these Rental Rules with the renter’s initials must be completed and the full payment including a security deposit must have been received before the rental date can be considered fully reserved. The following provisions apply to all Rental Agreements for the Clubhouse.


Seated – 115 in Ballroom, 45 in Grillroom
Standing – 135 in Ballroom, 55 in Grillroom



The Clubhouse parking lot has room for approximately 30 cars. If more than 30 vehicles are expected, the Renter must provide a Parking Manager at the Renter’s sole cost and expense.

Signs & Notices

A notice of the event may be placed at the bottom of the Clubhouse driveway on the day of the rental, but not on the ‘Bannockburn’ sign at the intersection of Bannockburn Drive and MacArthur Boulevard. The renter must remove all signs by noon of the day following the rental date.


Tables and chairs are available free of charge by agreement with the Business Manager. Renters are responsible for setting up the tables and chairs and neatly returning them to storage immediately after the event. Renters must clean all tabletops and chair seats of any sticky residue. Tables and chairs must be picked up, not dragged across the floor. BCC does not provide any kitchen utensils or any other party equipment. Any equipment or rentals brought to the Clubhouse by the Renter or his outside Caterer, including those procured elsewhere, may not be delivered prior to the Reservation Time unless arrangement to do so is made with the Building Manager. All such material must be removed immediately at the end of the Reservation Time. If it is not removed promptly, the Renter is responsible for paying the rental fee for each additional day that such material remains in the Clubhouse.


No decorations may be hung from the ceiling fans. No decorations shall be attached to walls, floors, ceiling, or windows with permanent fasteners such as tacks, nails, staples, duct tape, etc. Pictures, photographs, etc. that are part of the permanent Clubhouse collection shall not be removed by the Renter. All decorations for an event must be removed at the conclusion of the event.

Kids Parties

All activities held primarily for children and/or teenagers (i.e., persons under 18 years of age) must be attended by a sufficient number of adult sponsors so that at least one adult sponsor [age 18 or older] attends the event for every 10 teenagers, preteens, and children.


Montgomery County law prohibits loud noise after 9:00 p.m.