Bannockburn Neighbors Assisting Neighbors, Inc. is a non-profit organization that serves the needs of seniors wishing to age in place and strives to enhance well-being of all in the Bannockburn community. NAN is an all-volunteer organization and accepts contributions but does not charge dues.

NAN identifies needs and resources of the Bannockburn community. It has a network of block coordinators who identify and keep in touch with neighbors in need and works to connect them to resources. Trained volunteers help neighbors who request assistance. NAN arranges programs for enrichment that provide opportunities for social engagement for the Bannockburn community, particularly for seniors, as well as opportunities for elders to actively contribute to the community.

NAN builds relationships and seeks mutually-beneficial opportunities with other villages and like-minded groups in the Washington metropolitan area.

Learn More About NAN

NAN’s website lists Block Coordinators and Board members and shows how neighbors can get involved.

Contacts and Communications

NAN communicates through Nextdoor and
For more information about NAN, contact Miriam Kelty at or JoAnne Krecke at