Bannockburn’s usual place to vote, Bannockburn Elementary School, will not be open this year on November 3rd. But you can deposit your mail-in ballot in a secure drop box at Walt Whitman High School (the closest drop box to Bannockburn) starting October 1st. Or you can choose early voting (and on Election Day) in-person at the Jane E. Lawton Community Recreation Center (the closest voting center to Bannockburn), which is located at 4301 Willow Lane in Chevy Chase and is open from 7 a.m. – 8:00 p.m., October 26 – November 1.

These are the closest locations to Bannockburn. If you would like a list of other sites where you can vote early in-person, or drop off a ballot (if you prefer not to mail it), please visit and Up to 40 vote centers are expected to be open in Montgomery County for in-person voting.

Don’t forget: For mail-in ballots, be sure to sign your name to the oath and date your signature on the back of the return voted ballot envelope. Sign only the envelope; do not sign the ballot. Use a black or blue ink pen.

Election workers plan to canvass votes delivered to drop boxes throughout October to keep up with the volume of ballots they anticipate. Bipartisan teams of election workers will empty the secure drop boxes twice a day. The drop boxes themselves are under surveillance 24/7.

This means that early votes, drop box votes, and Election Day votes can all be reported when the polls close on November 3rd.

Map out how you plan to vote and then reach out to your friends and family to check-in on their plans. If you need help in either getting to the polls or in dropping off a mail-in ballot, Neighbors Assisting Neighbors (NAN) will assist you. Please contact JoAnn Krecke at (301) 706-1384 or

This is going to be a very unique election cycle due to COVID-19 and the stakes are extremely high. Let’s have our voices heard and have an amazing “turnout” from Bannockburn!

Key dates to keep in mind:

August 24: Vote-by-mail ballot applications automatically mailed to registered voters.

September 18: Vote-by-mail ballots automatically mailed to military/overseas registered voters.

September 24: Vote-by-mail ballots mailed to domestic Maryland voters who filled out and mailed in their applications. This includes Maryland-resident voters, out-of-state college students, and other Maryland voters temporarily residing in other states. Mailing of ballots continues until the vote-by-mail ballot application deadline on October 20. If you did not receive a mail-in-ballot application, go to the Maryland Voter Registration site. To check on the status of your vote-by-mail ballot application, click here, enter the requested information to look up your voter record, then select “status of my mailed-in or provisional ballot.”

October 1: Vote-by-mail official Board of Elections ballot drop boxes open widely around Montgomery County. Click here for a complete list of ballot drop box locations. Additional drop box locations are expected to be added through the month of October.

October 13: Online voter registration deadline. In Maryland you can also register and vote the same day during early voting or on Election Day. Check here to see what documents you will need to bring. Look up your voter registration here. Find out how to register to vote here.

October 26 – November 2: Early in-person voting begins. Find early voting locations here. Early voting sites also will be open for in-person voting on Election Day.

October 27: Last day to mail in your ballot if using the post office.

November 3: Election Day.