Welcome to Bannockburn

In 1946, Bannockburn’s founders, intending to build a cooperative neighborhood, purchased the Bannockburn Golf Club in Bethesda, MD. Although the dream of a true co-op was never realized, the spirit of community and cooperation perseveres to this day. Bannockburn is home to many civically-engaged residents who organize and support gatherings and special events held throughout the neighborhood or in our community meeting place – the historic Bannockburn Clubhouse – and who volunteer on boards of neighborhood organizations that enhance our quality of life.

Bannockburn also takes pride in its inclusive, close-knit community, excellent schools, proximity to natural attractions and downtown Washington, DC, and plethora of residents who have lived here for decades.

As many of us in Bannockburn like to say, “Bannockburn is less a place than it is a state of mind.”

What's New

Window Pains — March 4, 6:30-7:30 PM

Millions of migratory birds year die each year when they strike buildings and windows. This educational lecture, presented by Lindsay Jacks, Executive Director of Lights Out Baltimore, which has rescued birds and bats and installed bird-safe products to buildings such as National Aquarium and Patuxent Research Visitors Center, explains how…

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Tanya Sisler Profiled in Bethesda Magazine

Tanya Sisler, of East Halbert Road, who has been supporting a number of independently-owned, mostly-ethnic restaurants by welcoming food trucks at the Bannockburn Pool, was recently featured in Bethesda magazine. Do you want to see what food trucks will be at the pool? Click here to find out. Thank you,…

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Sustainable Landscaping and Stormwater Management February 24 7pm Via Zoom

Courtesy of the Glen Echo Environment Committee Presenter: Dr. Sara Via, svia@umd.edu   Climate change is already affecting our home landscapes. Changes in patterns of temperature and precipitation are making winters shorter, warmer and rainier. Spring and fall are often wetter, causing stormwater issues, while summers are much hotter with little additional rainfall.  These…

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