Welcome to Bannockburn

In 1946, Bannockburn’s founders, intending to build a cooperative neighborhood, purchased the Bannockburn Golf Club in Bethesda, MD. Although the dream of a true co-op was never realized, the spirit of community and cooperation perseveres to this day. Bannockburn is home to many civically-engaged residents who organize and support gatherings and special events held throughout the neighborhood or in our community meeting place – the historic Bannockburn Clubhouse – and who volunteer on boards of neighborhood organizations that enhance our quality of life.

Bannockburn also takes pride in its inclusive, close-knit community, excellent schools, proximity to natural attractions and downtown Washington, DC, and plethora of residents who have lived here for decades.

As many of us in Bannockburn like to say, “Bannockburn is less a place than it is a state of mind.”

What's New

Special Message on Clubhouse Repairs (August 8, 2022)

About Membership Donate Contact August 8, 2022 Dear Bannockburn Community / BCC Members, The BCC Board made a decision in 2021 to be proactive in testing for, uncovering, and documenting potentially hazardous materials in our community Clubhouse, a building some of which was constructed in the 1890’s and the rest…

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Bannockburn 75th Anniversary Celebration, September 23-25 2022

Starting Friday evening, September 23th, and running through Sunday morning, September 25th, Bannockburn’s current and former neighbors are invited to celebrate 75* years of Bannockburn history. We are all so ready to gather together. It will be a weekend of happy hours and music and food and fun. We are…

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