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Bannockburn Neighbors Assisting Neighbors, Inc. (NAN for short) was formed to serve the needs of seniors wishing to age in place and to serve intergenerational health and other quality-of-life needs of all of us in the Bannockburn community.
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2nd Annual Bannockburn Music Festival 2012

12:00 The Kickbacks -- blues/roots/rock

1:00 All In -- Indie rock with a Texas twang featuring Brad Kelly

2:00 The Capital Accord Chorus -- barbershop a cappella

3:00 Mitchard, Garton, Myers, Seigle, and Eckerson -- jazz

4:00 Zach Simon and Alden Towler -- original pop/rock/folk

5:00 The Keens with Rose McConnell -- new alt hard core rasta folk

6:00 The Kids Don't Stand a Chance -- eclectic pop/rock

7:00 Deez Notes -- Walt Whitman High School Rockers

8:00 Nobody's Business -- blues/rock/R&B

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